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What is The Regen Remedy?

Hydrolyzed Beef Collagen, Rose hip (Rosa Canina) granules, and MSM (Methyl-sulfonyl-methane) Formulated by Canine Myo-Therapist / Nutritionist and informally trialed by Dogs receiving Canine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapy for conditions such as chronic Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis in the Elbows, Sacral Damage, Sacroiliac dysfunction, deformed and broken caudal vertebra (tail) and nerve damage.


Who can benefit from the product?

Dogs, Cats and Horses with active lives and/or muscular skeletal conditions, those in post injury recovery or even used as a maintenance product for those genetically inclined to age a little harder than others could benefit the most, however this is a great all-round product that can be used for animals from the juvenile stage of life. Younger pets may also benefit from this product under the guidance of a professional.


Results from testing.

All Dogs were reported by owners and Therapist to begin showing positive results at around the 4week mark, better movement, less pain, better recovery in comparison from previous triggers. Two participants stopped the trial and restarted after noticing that their dog was declining in movement and appeared more in pain again. After 2 weeks they returned to previous better state. All dog owners are choosing to continue the usage of The Regen Remedy and thus why it has been released as a permanent product and needs to be available to the public.

The one participant with Sciatic and Femoral nerve pain which travelled through to her Foot, from L5, L6 sacral and Pelvis Damage showed a large reduction in symptoms, suggesting that the product was likely assisting in the movement of her joints in her spine and throughout her fascia by having increased Collagen to assist with movement and friction.

Thank you to Ivy May, Saskia, Sophie, Zoe and all of the other dogs who participated and we are so wrapped that the product is helping you all and was shown to not just be a theory.

Rescue The Regen Remedy Pro Formula

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  • Why use The Regen Remedy Pro Formula by Lolli’s Lollies?

    The body is made up of a significant amount of Collagen, which begins to decline with age, stress, inflammation, oxidative stress and even strenuous exercise. Strenuous exercise is an interesting area as it not only covers working and sporting dogs but it also relates to inactive older seniors. The muscle microtears trigger the body to create more collagen to repair the tears, and when the body is producing excessive amounts, it can temporarily deprive the rest of system as it focuses on healing the microtears. Strenuous exercise also uses amino acids to repair any parts of the body that have been under pressure of damaged or damaged. Collagen also provide numerous essential amino acids, so adding Collagen can create a more balanced diet.

    A large percentage of the synovial fluid within the joints contains collagen and mainly type 2 collagen, the ligaments, tendons and muscles require Collagen for Flexibility and strength an allows for smoother movement which reduces damage and studies have shown it also help regenerate cartilage.

    Collagen Peptides are processed using Hydrolysis, this version is much easier to absorb and digest. Marine collagen has type 1 collagen and is one that is most readily absorbed; however, Beef is type 2 collagen and is currently more accessible, has shown to be more affective on joint and muscle repair and support and as many of my clients have Seafood allergies, we have chosen beef Collagen for this product. How we have modified our absorption rate is by adding MSM. MSM is well known for its ability to increase absorption rates of many Nutraceuticals and can be contraindicated to some Pharmaceuticals by its ability to increase absorption to quickly so always advise your treating vet when your pet is on any supplement.

    We have also added Rosehips for Vitamin C, its antioxidant capabilities, it assists with Collagen synthesis and alike MSM affects mRNA (Messenger Ribonucleic acid). Creating more antioxidants to fight off free radicals that are damaging cells, fluids, proteins and anything that creates inflammation and pain. Rosehips also continue to cover the essential amino acids that may have been reduced.

    MSM not only allows for better absorption but it also creates better cell permeability for the other products and the body’s own natural products, shortens the inflammatory process, reduces pain, can even assist in detoxing the body of impurities. For more information on MSM please visit our MSM page.

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