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Get to Know our Supported rescues

Find out here about our chosen rescue groups we currently support.

Click on the name and get taken straight to their website or rescue page.

Then by clicking shop to support rescues, you can order products to be sent directly to the rescue group!

Choose one of our subscription plans and send a regular supply to your chosen rescue or animal in rescue each month for the duration you have chosen.

Bendigo Victoria's Largest Non-Profit foster carer run rescue group, Saving dogs, cat and other animals from the Bendigo area and also Rural pounds in central Australia. With dedicated carers, this group also has a dog trainer and program for integrative support for new adopters.

A charity Based in Yuendumu in the Northern Territory in Australia.

This very small team is in a remote outback village where they provide health care, desexing and rescue support for camp dogs, their Puppies and Dingoes (when ill or orphaned).

Well over 1000 puppies have been rehomed, some stay at the camp. There are huge challenges that are being overcome by this amazing group, 350km trips to Alice Springs, minimal health care instantly available, the wild is also not kind to dogs and often dogs travel days before being located after injury wandering. 

A small charity that runs off a network of foster homes. Rescuing mostly Cats on death row from Pounds and strays, Including those with challenging health issues.

Based In South Australia.

Domestic Animal Rescue and Education aka DARE.

A Border Collie specific Volunteer based Charity in Australia. Based in QLD but rescues all through the east coast including rural regions. 100% No Kill.

This Group also has one of few 'Golden Oldies' Programs with ongoing holistic care and support available for Border Collies and offers Neo Natal intensive specialist care services for a range of domestic pets in Australia.

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