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Canine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapy

Canine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapy aka

CMFT is a combination of massage techniques, inclusive of Swedish (relaxation), Remedial (Effleurage-Petrissage), Sports (Tapotement- Friction), Myo Fascial release (Superficial and Deep). Other methods used are Gau Sha, Acupressure, Hot and Cold therapy. Incorporating stretching and muscle group engagement to assist in adjustments.

After the gait analysis, vitals check, physical palpation and range of movement assessments; begins a hands-on approach to the physical manipulation to decrease muscles fibre tension and friction, release of Trigger points, Release of tightness of the fascia and fascial scar tissue, increase blood flow and oxygenation and toxin removal, stimulate muscle growth, Lymphatic system drainage, increase healthy biochemical reactions, engagement and stabilisation of the Central Nervous system, and more.


Canine Conditioning and Fitness

We use physical positions and movements modified to focus on addressing the bodies’ muscular imbalances, increasing core muscle engagement to assist in long term support for those with chronic musculoskeletal conditions and as a preventative by these targeted exercises.

An affective pre-operative muscle stimulant for those going into major surgery, we can target and have pre-engagement of functional proprioception, needed for longer-term recovery periods, and a gentle post-operative recovery system aiming to regain peak fitness, supportive of the entire anatomical process.

Using tools such steps, platforms, Cavaletti poles, balance boards and items like the peanut ball, we can increase the ability to decrease the dogs speed of motion and movement and work the muscles in a slower and more mindful way to achieve proper function the muscles and surrounding tissues.  The tools are also used to increase the dogs’ abilities during stretches and movements and can be implemented into day-to-day activities easily for clients once the dog and owner have been taught.

CCFT also increases a dogs’ ability to think, it increases proprioception, it allows the dog the ability to slow down and act rather than react when managing a chronic condition and also brings a very meaningful calm activity for the client and dog to bond and spend quality time together, especially in wet, cold or hot weather which affect many conditions.


Holistic Carnivore Nutrition

B.A.R.F diets and Raw food options are gaining popularity as the alternative to processed diets. With accessible studies showing many health positive outcomes in favour of raw diets inclusive of 50/50 kibble / raw diets over the processed diets. No matter what choice of diet, they can be manipulated to ensure a dog is receiving the best nutrition possible for their needs through a nutritionist who understands dogs needs in an educated and holistic way.

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