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Who doesn't Love to hear about the products first hand from customers??

I know I always go straight to testimonials for any product I want to try for my pets. Here are some reviews of our nutritional supplements for Dogs, Cats and Ponies! 


" Chloe is 12 years old and has chronic arthritis. She has been on Lolli’s Lollies for 6 weeks now and the difference is amazing. We have our fun loving girl enjoying life again. She is alert and eager to play with our youngsters.

Her front left leg was becoming deformed but it is straight again and she is fully weight bearing. I have noticed that she is also building up lost muscle tone. So heartwarming.


Thank you so much for helping out our much loved girl enjoy life again ❤️❤️❤️ "


Erika, Victoria


"Loki and Mystique love Lolli’s Lollies they gobble them up straight away! We are using them as prevention for any joint issues. Fantastic product and customer service"

Amanda, ACT


My little man Tiger is almost 15.
He has recently started on MSM for arthritis and the change in just a week has been amazing.
He is able to get up & down a lot easier, he is starting to climb again and can even jump up on his beloved little humans bed after not being able to for a while.
Thank you Lolli's Lollies for such wonderful products that actually work!

Kim, VIC


Lolli's Lollies supplements have made such an amazing difference it's wonderful. This is Beau. Mini Shetland stallion just 71cms. Beau has been taking MSM and green lipped mussel powder for 12 weeks.. He is moving more freely now. Enjoying his grooming so much more and lost his winter coat better than he ever did before. He has a shine in his mane and the frizzy is going. Beau is more energetic and comes trotting up for his meal with the GLM and MSM in it. I feel so happy about the amazing results. There are so many changes in this little pony I can't explain them all. Thank you Lolli's Lollies for your wonderful products.


Barbara, Central Vic


"Arrived extremely fast and was absolutely beautifully packaged. So glad the dingoes and Cfor Cat have lovely healthy treats they love. thank you so much"

Shelley, Talbot


Our retired working dog Lil was having seizures every day, though she was still loving life. We were given a sample of the dried Green Lipped Mussels, and within days her seizure activity stopped, were shocked and didn't believe it. When the sample ran out her seizure activity began again a few days later. We then knew it was the Mussels that helped and got her back on then as soon as we could. These products gave our girl a comfortable and seizure free few years before she passed away.


I tell everyone about these products, ever dog should have them! Our senior Jack Russels are now on them and have improved all round in health. its just amazing how it works so quickly!

Paul and Martine

Central Vic

"Since my beautiful, arthritic 14 year old Golden Retriever has been enjoying Lolli’s health & joint support powder as well as the dried mussel treats, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in his movement, agility and overall happiness and general well-being. Banjo is now able to walk much faster and more fluidly and, is even up for a gentle run. Very happy customer. Wonderful products"

Kirsty, Melbourne

I had a consult with Chevelle who is very knowledgeable so I started giving the health and joint powder and mussels to my old 3 legged blue heeler who was starting to struggle. Within the first week I seen a huge difference, well honestly it started after the first day, but thought it was a coincidence at the time. She actually started running, interacting with the other dogs and coming in the car again!  She was my special girl and I am so glad I was able to give her these products so she was comfortable and happy. I was blown away by the results, It really made a difference and have recommended it to mates and their dogs are also benefitting too! 

Justin - Metcalfe, VIC

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