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Symbiotic Human and Canine Healing Interventions Australia

During 2017 -2018 Lolli and her owner were working towards a business, together they wanted to help people overcome adversity.


Together they planned how to help those in higher risk demographics of suicide and adversity by using a ground breaking strategy they designed. The strategy was what Lolli had taught her owner during their time together working through complex traumas.


Through noticing a lack of understanding by Psychotherapists and mental health workers on how to use a pet as a healing intervention during times of need, Showed an obvious and clear sign there was a need for change and further education. During a time where support networks are in high demand and there is a huge lacking of Trauma informed Intervention activities available to the general public that is affordable, Symbiotic Human and Canine Healing Interventions Australia (SHACHIA) programs were formed to help close that gap.


SHACHIA aims to help people by empowering them and to prevent Crisis, Uniquely this is based from a dogs perspective collaborated in with Mindfulness and mediation, and forgotten / unlearned Life skills.


These programs are based around stress reduction methods that incorporate a canine companion, Promoting heightened self and pet awareness and strategies for healing from mental health and situational distress.


Mindfulness meditation programs using pets works for deactivation of stress responses.


These programs are also designed with the dogs needs in mind. We all know having a pet is like therapy, but what don’t always know how to achieve balanced symbiosis with them and that is were SHACHIA program fit in. Teaching and educating to get the best outcomes for both dog and person.


If you or someone you know is experiencing Homelessness and they have a pet and reside in the Bendigo area, there are limited spots available to experience the Fundamentals Classes for free.

Currently running private and group classes, workshops and Canine behavioural consults and training.


The future of SHACHIA will be access for all people no matter what situation, and we will involve a rescue dog program for those who are unable to have a pet due to circumstances.


For further information, please contact or visit our Facebook Page via the link.

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