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Our  Base Line Products 

Who could benefit from Lolli’s Lollies Nutritional supplement products?

Show Dogs, Cats and Horses -Enhance skin and coat conditioning and colour.

Older Dogs,Cat and Horses, for Joint support and inflammation reduction and general health.

Highly active working or sporting Dogs/ Horses. 


Dogs/ Animals recovering injury, fractures, breaks, Muscle, tendon or ligament damage and operations.


Extra support during growth and development stages in younger animals.

Pets with high oxidative stress and free radicals


Pets with allergies - easing of histamines

Pets with cognitive Issues – may support brain function abilities

Delay some blindness or increase vision

May Support and prevent Cardiovascular diseases

Diabetic cats May gain improved glucose control

May Aid in healing, repair and recovery support for muscles, bones, joints and more.

Faster recovery post Operation has been experienced.

Faster recovery from strenuous exercise has been studied.

May provide Immuno-modulation for those with autoimmune disease.



Health and Joint Support Powder

Marine Cartilage, MSM and Dried Green Lipped mussels        

Who can have it: Dogs, Cats and Horses

Marine Cartilage

Mild anti-inflammatory                           Anti-Coagulant properties                     Mucopolysaccharides

Amino acids                                             Carbohydrates                                         Calcium salts

Phosphorus                                              Proteins                                                    High Collagen content


What is it used for?

Oxidative stress and free radical reduction

Reduce inflammation and swelling within the joints

Reduce pain associated with joints, aging, dysplasia other bone malformations.

May slow and inhibit the progression of cancer through the cells (Chondrocytes) possessing substances that inhibit Angiogenesis (formation on new blood vessels) so that the cancer is unable to continue growing


MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

A naturally occurring Sulfur compound that is well tolerated and has few known or mild side effects. MSM has a high antioxidant content to work against free radicals and works on a cellular, muscle and tissue penetration level. The MSM used in this product is from paper/tree source and should only be used as per recommendations.


What its used for:

Inflammation                           Muscle, Tissue and Joint pains and Strain

Oxidative stress                       As an Anti-Oxidant



What benefits it may provide and what it may assist and what science has shown may happen:

Preservation of cartilage against degradation

Arthritis relief

Improve physical function and motion range

Pancreas, Lung, Liver and organ support/dysfunction Support and repair

Candida- MSM balances the PH of the blood, preventing candida from living in the blood stream

Ulcers- Reversal activity scientifically shown

Provide protective effects against Oxidative stress and inflammatory Repair scar and tissue damage

Brings back Elasticity to skin.

Inflammatory response reduction

Induce homing of CD34+ stem cells

Modulate the Immune system

Support the Immune system response during stress

Alleviate symptoms of Renal Failure

Support Diabetics via Better absorption of sugars

High in anti-oxidants – scavenges on free radicals and removes

Coupled with Vitamin C can promote wound healing

Reduce allergy symptoms


Green Lipped Mussels (Perna Canaliculus) – Also available in Whole, Crumbled or Powder.

From New Zealand.

Who do we recommend it for? Cats, Dogs, Horses.


What is in it?

High in omega 3s

High Selenium Content – An anti-oxidant that helps fight free radicals within the blood stream

Magnesium - Vital for sustaining regular heartbeat, helps protein synthesis and cellular metabolism, good for nerves, muscles, reduction of osteoarthritis, maintenance of sugar levels.

Calcium - Required for bone growth and structure supports healthy nerves and muscles

Potassium- Regulates fluid balance within the body, can aid urination issues.

Manganese - Formation of connective tissues, absorption of calcium, supports thyroid, proper Metabolism of fats and carbs, regulates blood sugar levels.

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids have shown the ability to inhibit Cyclo-Oxygenase and Leukotriene activities, which are factors identified behind inflammation

Vitamins- A, thiamine, Riboflavin, B6, B12, C, E.


What benefits it may provide and what it may assist and what science has shown may happen:

Improving joint function and mobility

Reduce Inflammation

Fight Degenerative joints disease

Immune support through anti-oxidant capabilities

Antioxidant fights free radicals.

Brings back Elasticity to skin.

Support nerve terminal and neurons, cell membranes

Reduce coronary artery complications

Support healthy bone growth and may prevent deformities and developmental problems in puppies

Dermatological conditions such as itching and allergies

Promote healthy eye and ear function and support (glaucoma and atrophy)

Immuno-modulatory capabilities

Anti-arrhythmic effects

Renal Support

Neoplasia (abnormal tissue growth)

Hyperlipidaemia (elevated fat levels in blood)

Reduce Seizure activity

Gastrointestinal disease


** These products are best used in conjunction with professional veterinary advice and care for those with Illness and complimentary support. ** Always ask your vet if your pet has chronic medical issues, and inform your vet that your pets are taking any supplements.

** These products are not recommended for Animals on Blood thinners, pregnant or lactation females or unborn or un-weened babies.

** Keep out of reach of Children 

** Store in a cool dry place

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