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Pancreatitis Raw, steamed BARF and experiences...

This is an answer to someone posing a question on social media about giving raw food and cooked foods to your dog with pancreatitis to add to their kibble.

I am pro raw for GI issues, and for better health in general.

Anyway... my quick answer was...

I am a nutritionist and yes adding raw and steamed meat to kibble is a perfect idea! They struggle to absorb nutrients sufficiently when they are not able to produce the correct enzymes rates, so often loose weight from that and the pain.

Both of my 2 dogs that had pancreatitis from giving them bravecto (which lead to my interest in nutrition) both dogs could tolerate differ meats, one almost lived on fresh Raw kangeroo and chicken necks and legs, and the other was a Fish and veggies girl that also tolerated stewed rabbit, lung, kidney, turkey, and white meats, pork etc, but not raw had to be steamed, dried was perfectly fine too.

Neither could tolerate beef or lamb or carbs pastas etc or kibble at all, and both were also fine with uncooked fats from inside the animal but not the external fats.

Cooked fats are significantly harder to digest for dogs and can be more toxic, so scraping the fat off cooked meat meals on cooling is recommended, but raw meats to be left on if lean.

So, it is completely up to the dog themselves which food they can tolerate the best.

More theory behind meats and raw is usually the lighter the colour = the easier it is to digest and is better for the dog with GI issues, where as the darker meats are actually harder to digest, however as you've seen with my example it is very independent of the dog needs.

Fats are also extremely essential to a dogs diets, so finding a suitable way to replace fats it a must, hemp oil and coconut oils are two ways to help replace those oils and tolerated by most dogs. Your dog may also be OK with other types of oils such a linseed or fish oils, mussels extracts, adding other seafood etc.

My professional suggestion is start with a very small amount Teaspoon if you have a 25kg dog less if smaller. That amount in my experience has only triggered a dicky belly and not the whole flare.

Avoiding kibble all together can also be a

Option, as many dogs it is the problem. The carbs, the unnatural state of the food, the excessive cooking process it goes through, and manufactured vits and mins added etc.

Written by

Chevelle Williams



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