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Glucosamine sulfate is a naturally occurring sugar compound produced by the body and found mostly in joints and crustatean exoskeletons, it is sourced for production in Shellfish Shell and Bovine Cartilage.

Sulfate 2KCL is Potassium Chloride so a great way to add potassium to young or aging bodies.

2KCL is not the same as Glucosamine HydroChloride, and 2KCL in studies had shown better results than other forms.

This product can be used for Dogs and horses in recommended amount and even cats in small amounts 

It is widely known and used to help support and repair Joint cartilage and synovial fluid in animals and humans by stimulating the Glycosamine Glycans which are nutirents that stimulate cartilage formation.


It Reduces Oxidative stress and fights free radicals that can accelerate damage to joint structures and cause many other physical ailments


Helps the body to naturally produce Hyaluronic acid a major key player in the retention of joint fluid within the joints and skin moisture.


May increase brain function and learning capabilities 
May improve atopic dermatitis 
May prevent collagen degradation and so much more!


Note this product is not sutiable for those with Diabetes, Liver or Kidney disease or blood disorders without veterinary advice.

Not to be given to dogs on anti-coagulants as it can enhance anti platelet effect.

Glucosamine Sulfate 2KCL

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