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Beautiful stainless steel tins for keeping Lolli's Lollies products safe from cheeky pets. 

Empty and ready to fill with snacks or powders.

These will be Available from Feb15th.


We had had a few incidents where Cats and Dog have been teaming up! Yes that is right, Teaming up to get to these Nutritional Supplements...

Cats have been getting on benches, even those who rarely if ever do, Just to knock off bags of products to the awaiting Dogs, these Furry Criminals have been busted during and after the events. 


Small - 86mm L x 86mm W x 115mm H

Medium- 86mm L x 86mm W x 185mm H

Large -  102mm L x 102mm W x 226mm H



Although Overdose on any of the products is unlikely and adverse reaction rare, They may get belly aches from having an excessive amount.

Lolli's Lollies Tin for Treats

  • We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind.

    However, you can choose a refund or exchange if an item has a major problem within 1 calendar month of purchase or recalled. This is when the item:

    • Your pet has a serious reaction to sample bag.
    • Deemed unsafe for consumption after analysis.
    • Is significantly different from the sample or description.
    • Has not shown any positive affects within 6 weeks or purchase Date.
    • Batch has been recalled

    Consumable Products must be returned for further analysis, refund or replacement.

    If the problem is not major, Such as Crumpled bag, or label issue we will replace either within a reasonable time.

    Please keep your proof of purchase—

    e.g. your receipt or online account active.

    We recommend contacting the Lolli’s Lollies team before retuning products.

    You can do this Via the website contact form or at

  • Orders Up to $150 = P&H $12

    Orders Over $150 comes with Free postage

    Express $5

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